Alumni Association

Give Back

Giving back allows you the opportunity to make your mark at UNCG. Supporting your Alumni Association helps us continue to provide high-quality engagement opportunities like regional clubs and affinity reunions. We appreciate your support, and look forward to thanking you personally for your investment in us.

6 Reasons to Give

  • 1

    Reason 1

    Believe it or not, you play a huge role in determining UNCG’s future. How? The higher the rate of our alumni participation, the higher UNCG ranks among peer institutions. Alumni participation is determined by the numbers of alumni who give back to their institution on an annual basis. Your gift doesn’t have to be big. In fact, your gift of any size is important!

  • 2

    Reason 2

    Your gift helps bring in more gifts! It’s true. When our alumni contribute openly to UNCG, it makes it easier to secure funds from outsiders as well as other organizations and philanthropists. It’s important to others outside the UNCG family that our alumni are giving back. In fact, it’s a question potential funders always ask, “What percentage of your alumni are giving back?”

  • 3

    Reason 3

    Let’s be real. It’s expensive to get a college education today. UNCG is one of the most affordable institutions and yet our students are some of the neediest in North Carolina. Your gift helps today’s students who deserve the opportunity to get a good education. So, you’re doing more than just giving back to UNCG. You’re also helping someone else gain a valuable asset – a quality education.

  • 4

    Reason 4

    You win when UNCG wins. As UNCG builds and sustains our image as a popular and prestigious institution, the value of your degree increases. Financial support from our alumni ensures UNCG is able to tell our story to others in the region, across the state and throughout the nation. Your gifts help fuel the good things happening at UNCG and allow the university to showcase its many outstanding students, faculty and programs.

  • 5

    Reason 5

    Did you know giving makes you feel good? Research shows those who give back, to whatever causes they choose, live happier and more joyful lives.  Happy alumni translate to a happy university! Helping others creates an improved sense of well-being. UNCG alumni who contribute to making the life of another person better experience a sense of purpose in life and an inner satisfaction. Be happy! Make a gift!

  • 6

    Reason 6

    There is one more reason worth mentioning. Your gifts are tax deductible. Most people don’t give to get a deduction, but it’s still a nice perk. So, whether your gift is big or small, it’s good to remember you not only get the benefit of knowing you helped strengthen your alma mater, but you also get a tax write off!