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Life After UNCG, How to Stay Connected!

August 7, 2015

Life After UNCG, How to Stay Connected!

You’ve just graduated.  More than likely you have started your journey towards your desired career path.  You may also have celebrated your recent achievement with an amazing summer get away.  Then before you know it fall comes around and you find yourself reminiscing about your experience at UNCG.  You may even find that you have a desire to stay connected to your UNCG family.

The Regional Alumni Clubs were formed to provide alumni with an opportunity to stay connected with other graduates while fostering pride in our alma mater and staying true to UNCG’s motto of service.  There are six alumni clubs that host various events throughout the year including networking events, community service events as well as social events.  It’s a great opportunity to reconnect, network, meet new people and give back to your local community.  Alumni Clubs are open to UNCG alumni, parents, friends, fans and students.  Locations are in Atlanta, Charlotte, the Triad area, the Triangle area, NYC and Washington, D.C.  Be sure to update your contact information at to receive communications about upcoming events in your area!

For more information about an Alumni Club in your area or how to get involved, email us at